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FAQ: Why does All American Leadership care so much about Culture?

All American Leadership was founded by retired military professionals who experienced the importance of a great culture. Culture is about belief in your mission, yourself, your colleagues, and your leaders. Undaunted belief is essential in the military where lives are

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FAQ: What are the core tenets of a Great Culture?

At All American Leadership, we define a Great Culture as one that embodies the core tenets: Character, Empathy, Trust, Ownership, and Learning. We refer to the core tenets as CETOL. Each tenet contains a number of key elements that we

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FAQ: How do you measure the strength of a culture within an organization?

Culture is based upon belief. The more people within an organization believe in the processes, vision, and leaders, the stronger a culture becomes.   It is the consistency of belief among an organization’s leaders and team members that lays the foundation

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